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Jeffrey Reno

Founder & Directory of Photography

Josh Atanovich

Chief Creative Officer

Kyle Wade


Jeff Reno

Jeffrey Reno

Jeff has served 10+ years in the Kentucky Army National Guard and is currently a Staff Sergeant with 133rd Mobile Public Affairs Detachment of the 63rd Tactical Aviation Brigade.

He attended Asbury University where he graduated with a film degree and played on the collegiate golf team. Outside of the uniform he has done work for NBC Sports, Universal Studios Music Group, ESPN, among many others.


Jeff started Untd We Stnd in 2019 as a for-profit veteran support apparel company to help veterans get back on their feet. Since then, it has evolved into a full production house helping tell impactful stories. His passions include Golf, photography, and fitness. People generally tell him he has a face for radio...we tend to agree.

"Give me progress or give me death" - Rob Bailey

Josh Atanovich

Joshua Atanovich

Currently serves as Signal Company First Sergeant in the Kentucky Army National Guard, including his full-time Federal position as an information/cyber security specialist.


He has served two overseas tours throughout the Arabian Peninsula and Central Asia. Outside the uniform, finds pleasure in sports, traveling, physical fitness, and community outreach. Also co-founded Cincy Sleeps, a non-profit organization to combat homelessness, with another veteran and close friend.


Yet creative writing, development, and collaboration (unknown to most) happen to be hidden passions. Can be easily mistaken as Ryan Gosling. In a parallel universe, or if eyes are closed... 


“Shake weights are the secret to success…” - Josh Atanovich 

Kyle Wade

Kyle Wade

Kyle served 11+ years in the United States Marine Corps as a Combat Engineer. He served in a multitude of capacities as an engineer, most noteworthy were his four combat deployments (Fallujah, Iraq-2007/ Helmand Province, Afghanistan-2008, 2009, and 2010-11) where he served as a fireteam leader for one and a squad leader for his final two.


Wade received a combat meritorious promotion amongst other personal and unit awards for his time overseas. In 2017, after a successful tour of recruiting, Wade returned to the Fleet Marine Force only to tear his labrum within the first month. This injury would inevitably lead to a medical retirement and a premature ending to his aspirations as an active-duty Marine. 

Since then, Wade has been pursuing a way to give back to Marines and all service members through storytelling. A big part of this venture is full-time participation at Northern Kentucky University (NKU)  where he works toward his degree in journalism while also maintaining positions as a reporter and copy editor for The Northerner, NKU’s school newspaper.


With an unrelenting, lifelong passion for writing and a drive to give back to the very community he came from. Wade hopes to add dynamic storytelling to Untd We Stnd’s brand through alternative and standard journalistic formats while maintaining current standards of journalistic ethical code according to the Society of Professional Journalists

“The cause doesn't have to be righteous and battle doesn't have to be winnable; but over and over again throughout history, men have chosen to die in battle with their friends rather than to flee on their own and survive.”

-Sebastian Junger, War

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