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HISTORY MADE. Kentucky Punches Ticket for First Ever Trip to College World Series

Updated: Jun 10


LEXINGTON- The Kentucky Wildcats have made history once again on the baseball diamond, they are headed to the 2024 College World Series in Omaha for the first time ever. Kentucky, a member of the famed Southeastern Conference (also known for elite level baseball), is the only member school to have never made a trip for their shot at ultimate baseball glory.

“My heart is filled with gratitude. So proud of these players, coaches, staff, former players, former coaches, former staff members that have just poured so much into this program.” -Nick Mingione

Last night, Kentucky would captivate the hearts and eyes of Big Blue Nation. A nation that flooded the gates for yet another attendance record in a year that has seen that place holder change on a seemingly weekly basis. In the Post Game Press Conference, Nick Mingione once again expressed gratitude for the Wildcat faithful (as he has done in nearly every post game press conference this season), “(I’m) Thankful for our fans. Big Blue Nation was unbelievable these last three weeks. Even dating back to the last regular season series of the year, just absolutely incredible. Our fans really showed out. This is my plea to get them to come to Omaha, create that same environment.” Mingione knows Omaha will be a challenge, (and not just the Jell-O shot kind).

The play of the game came when Nolan McCarthy scored the go ahead run on a Pete Rose-esque head first slide into Home Plate. Sending the crowd into a frenzy. When questioned on the play after the game, McCarthy told reporters “Yeah, I was on second, Coach Minge was telling me to be balanced on my skips. Don't want to give that pitcher anything like that. It's a big run. I saw it squeak by. I was running to third. I immediately saw their pitcher wasn't covering. I think I ran through a stop sign, but it ended up working out. No one was covering home, so might as well take what they're going to give you.”

No one asked me, but I for one am happy to continue covering the “Weirdest Team in Baseball” as they continue their chase to a National Championship. Kentucky Proud Park has won over the hearts of the Big Blue Nation, but it largely has to do with the players on the field. There just is simply not a better group of guys. The selflessness, sacrifice, motivation, and yes…weirdness on display has been nothing short of a pleasure to watch from the press box this season. There was a famous line in the baseball cinematic classic “Major League” that I feel sums it up best, “Now go win the whole f’n thing.”

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