Kentucky Gun Doctor Aims West

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

Daniel “Gun Doctor” Woodruff preservered a lot before having the opportunity to showcase his skills on national television.

August 24, 2021

Kyle Wade, Editor-in-Chief

Daniel “Gun Doctor” Woodruff, in ghillie at Front Sight Training Facility, NV/ Credit: GunDoctorTV

“See, I think we should’ve pummeled before you had to shoot,” says Randy Couture as he steps up, pointing at Daniel’s target, “I mean look at that, that’s a great, really nice, tight group.” Daniel “Gun Doctor” Woodruff, a Navy veteran from Germantown, KY had just taken First Place in Surviving Mann’s Shooting Evolution 2 (unbeknownst to him at the time) and was standing tall next to his target staring at who he calls a “pioneer” in the mixed martial arts community.

Woodruff’s target, Shooting Evolution 2 / Credit: GunDoctorTV

Woodruff completed the 100- yard course of fire with a score of 155, edging out 32 contestants from all over the United States with a variety of backgrounds.

“I knew there were some top shooters there,” Woodruff said as he listed off contestants who are nationally acclaimed for marksmanship. “There were SWAT guys, Navy Seals, Army Ranger, and of course, Marines- those guys shoot, it’s what they do.”

The course began with all contestants facing down range from the 100-yard line. On command, the contestants would perform a three-shot drill. Once all shooters performed the drill, the contestants would advance two steps and perform the drill over again until they all reached the 7-yard line.

Woodruff says that he was completely unfamiliar with the Cobalt Kinetics rifle prior to the competition, “it just meshed with me.” When the competition began he said he put everything in his mind aside besides the “basic fundamentals”.

Basic fundamentals that Woodruff had applied his entire life.

“I grew up in Germantown, small town, two or three stop signs,” Woodruff said, “I grew up shooting, I had to hunt to help supplement our food for the winter because, ya know, like any other family just starting out, it’s rough.”

Germantown, KY, Woodruff’s hometown

Gun Doctor says that his passion for guns is derived from his ventures hunting for his family and watching his father and grandfather do gunsmithing projects, “I just grew up hunting and loving guns, I knew I wanted to do something with guns.”

That ‘something’ turned out to be answering Uncle Sam’s call for Woodruff to join the Navy shortly after the events of September 11th.

An injury that Woodruff doesn’t talk about to this day cut that call short. While in the training pipeline to become an Aviation Ordnance Technician, a hunting incident on leave left him having to learn how to walk again.

“I got out of the Navy and thought I was concerned that I would be limping for the rest of my life. I was bound and determined to not let that happen so I just worked at it and worked some more and eventually I became a police officer, a mixed martial artist and then a Youtuber and here I am.” Woodruff said.

Gun Doctor’s “evil lair”/ studio Credit: GunDoctorTV

Woodruff would join the Manchester Police Department in Ohio, he graduated the academy at the top of his class and would become a sharpshooter for the regional Special Response Team.