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Rory won’t repeat at Valhalla, I said what I said


LOUISVILLE,KY- After his victory in Charlotte on Sunday, I am not sure why we are contesting a PGA Championship this coming week at Valhalla. The media has gone ahead and crowned Rory the Champion. Pack your bags and go home folks!

…..not so fast

Are we talking about the same golf media that frequently downplayed the Saudi’s interest in starting a professional golf league? Are we talking about the same golf media that said Jon Rahm WOULD NEVER do a deal with the Saudi’s? Are we talking about the same golf media that broods around more as a propaganda tool for the fumbling PGA Tour?

Yes we are.

If the traditional golf media has shown us anything, it is that they have shown us nothing. Fiery takes from the likes of Chamblee on the Golf Channel or an ESPN talking head that only sets foot on the links four times a year is just material for clicks or views to stay somewhat relevant. No one is going to convince me that Stephen A. Smith knows anything about the game of golf (nor any other sport for that matter, he yells at the sky too much).

Rory won’t win the PGA Championship because he does not play against the best competition in the world. The LIV Tour is far more talent-laden from top-to-bottom than their faltering counterparts at the PGA Tour. The PGA Tour is still riding Tiger’s coattails, and even though he is the game’s all time greatest player (without debate), he has not done anything remotely resembling competitive professional golf in five years.

Now that THAT is out of the way, let me give you 5 players with an actual chance to take home the Wanamaker (in no particular order):

  • Brooks Koepka- He is one of the best players in the world and arguably the most fit. Valhalla is not an easy walk but will set up will for ol’ Brooksy’s game. Look for the Smashers GC star to be near the top of the leaderboard come weekend play.

  • Bryson DeChambeau- The Crusher GC Captain/YouTube sensation brings the ability to hit the ball further than anyone in the field this week. Valhalla is a second shot golf course, but second shots are much easier when you are 80 yards closer to the hole than your opponent. If he putts well, and that’s a BIG if, he will be in contention come Sunday.

  • Scottie Scheffler- The ONLY PGA Tour player making my list. After his win at Augusta in April, it would be a disservice to not add him. I will be interested to see how he fares against superior competition once again in Louisville. This ain’t the WM Phoenix Open people, it’s the PGA Championship.

  • Jon Rahm- The Captian of Legion XIII has been on a tear on the uber-competitive LIV Golf Tour. He currently sits at second place in their season long standings. He joined LIV this year after a reported $600 Million Dollar offer from the PIF and has earned every penny. He will be in the Top 5, calling my shot now.

  • Cam Smith- The best putter in the world is also the Captain of Ripper GC, a team full of fellow Aussie’s on the LIV Tour. You can never count out putting in a golf tournament, everyone knows the old famous saying, “you drive for show, but you putt for dough”. Smith is a threat to make it from ANYWHERE once he finds the putting surface. He will make some roars in the Bluegrass this week.

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