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Scout Says: Isaiah Cozart, Eastern Kentucky University

@CoachRyanKY 🦉

Isaiah Cozart is possibly the best defender in the country that is not on a Power 6 team. He has the ability to play much larger than his 6’7” size due to reaching full extension before the ball reaches its maximum apex and his freakish wingspan. Not a one trick pony, he also stays down on pump fakes well and avoids “arm down” fouls likely due to having elite level reaction time. It’s obvious that this A.W. Hamilton offensive scheme is a bit different than his teams of the past and is centered around Cozart in the post. Isaiah primarily plays the 5 position but will be forced to change over to the 4 at the next level as he is going to lack the vertical assets needed to be as effective as he is on the college level. EKU is 4th in Division 1 averaging 6.2 blocks per game in large thanks to the big fella. Cozart is quick enough laterally as well as vertically to recover when beaten off of the dribble to effect the shot.

#50 Isaiah Cozart

Height: 6’7”

Weight: 240 lbs

2023-24 Stats:

  • 21 Games Played

  • Averages 30.7 minutes

  • FG 62.7% // 3 PT 0%

  • Averages 9.7 Rebouds per game (4.1 Offensive, 5.6 Defensive)

  • 15 Point average


  • 52% FT Shooter

  • Left Handed Shot

  • Averages 3.9 Blocks Per Game

  • Holds only Triple Double in EKU Program History (Nov. 28, 2023 vs Troy)

  • Career Blocks Leader at EKU (179)


  • Elite Shot Blocker

  • 7’2” Wing Span

  • High Defensive IQ

  • Rebounds both ends

  • Post Game

  • Finishes with both hands well


  • Height

  • Perimeter Shooting

  • Puts feet in restrictive arc on defense frequently, likely trying to get advantage for blocked shot.

All stats are accurate as of 2/7/2024 when I attended the game. 🦉

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