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Image by Samuel Branch


Untd We Stnd Veteran Support program mission is to combat homeless, jobless and veterans in need.


Untd We Stnd Event

We host a variety of events in which we donate all the proceeds raised during the event. We partner with various extended stay hotels to provide temporary housing for veterans and grocery's each week. During their stay at the hotel they will meet with a life coach once or twice per week to get back on their feet mentally, financially, and spiritually. They will have full access to a veteran support system so they don't feel alone.


Untd We Stnd x Collaboration

We collaborate with another organization during one of their events and or on a certain project. UWS and our collaborator will produce custom branded apparel to sell at the event and twenty-five percent of the events revenue will go towards veterans and people in need. Our mission to make the most impact would to provide food and or health services to any veteran or person in need.


Raised for local veterans

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