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Sell Out Crowd Fills the Bill on Education Day in Lexington

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LEXINGTON- The bright young minds of the Commonwealth flooded Legends Lane with yellow school busses for the early morning “day of education” about to commence at Legends Ballpark. Education days, are days were groups of students come to the baseball game and are back in the classroom at time of dismissal. Creating a day long Field Trip to the ballpark. It also happens to create an amazing environment, as children love interacting with the various “shenanigans” at the game.

Where were those when I was a kid?

Early on, the students were educated in the subject known as Strikeout-ology. A term in which I just coined that no one asked me for.


The strikeout professor Aaron Perry took the hill for the home team, he stands only 5’11’’ tall but has a fastball that reaches 95-99mph on the radar gun. Perry introduced the students to “History of the Heater”, sending six of the visiting High Point Rockers packing their books through Two Innings of work.

A Top of the Third Inning Home Run gave High Point the lead. A base hit shortly thereafter scored another Rocker to make it 2-0 other guys.

The Legends would add their second Home Run of the season to even things up in the Bottom of the Fourth Inning. It was almost identical to the one hit last night. An “Oppo Taco” that bailed into the Legends bullpen over the Left Field Fence.

No one asked my thoughts, but Home Runs alone are not going to win baseball games.

In the part no one cares about, that would be the last scoring for the Legends. It would not be the last scoring for the Rockers, they’d add three runs over the course of the game to take another one from the Legends.

The Legends move to 0-2 on the season.

HP- 5/5/0

LEX- 2/5/3

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