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My first ever blog....Where do I begin?

I am sitting in 15A emergency row (I said I could be helpful in the event of an emergency if your curious) of an American Flight for a work trip writing my first blog on my iPhone 13 mini notes...let's do this!

I want this blog to not only provide value but selfishly I want it to be a platform that I can share my thoughts, ideas, and complaints; publicly. I started Untd We Stnd as an apparel company thinking that was my pathway to success, but I found myself always trying to cut corners to make things cheaper and charge the most money. It felt like whatever everyone else was doing. I spoke with a friend (our now chief Creative Officer) Josh Atanovich about some music videos I was doing, and he mentioned jumping on helping with them which dawned on us, maybe him more than I, that Untd We Stnd could be the vehicle we use to produce videos, stories, and other content but selfishly I must say, our pathway to success. 

Fast forward to now, we have 3 active Army Guard service-members, 1 retired Marine and 1 civilian putting in their time and effort into growing UWS into what we all want it to be. Our Path to success. On the way to success, our goals are telling compelling stories, support the veteran community and be the best damn production house in the country. Ultimately, we want to show current service-members they can transition from the military to the film/blog industry and work for an organization that feels like “home” and their “brotherhood”. They get to produce stories they are passionate about and they have the RIGHT to WRITE. (I accidentally said this to our blog editor, Kyle Wade, he loved it, so I threw it in) 

Every blog will be something different and often something I think might be valuable to whoever reading. Selfishly this blog is more for me, than you. 

I want to thank Clifton Caro for rebuilding this site to something that competes with the best of the best. Thank you to Sherida Marshal for helping with social media and stepping into that role. It has and will continue to allow me to make UWS better.

I will end this soup sandwich of a first blog with some words that fell upon me back in 2019 when I started UWS. 

“What if I told you all the 5am alarms, late night edits and CC/BCC emails, the non-existent weekends would lead to something greater. Would you listen?” 

Keep working towards those goals and pursue every dream. 


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