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Kenny Brooks Welcomed as Leader of Kentucky Women’s Basketball Program

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LEXINGTON- Kenny Brooks, formerly of Virginia Tech, was introduced to the Big Blue Nation as the 9th Head Women’s Basketball Coach in Kentucky Women’s Basketball history.

Brooks, who will earn $7.7 million over the course of a five-season deal, recently had signed a contract extension in Blacksburg to keep him with the Hokies. “”We created a buzz for women’s basketball (at Virginia Tech)” “I felt like Virginia Tech was a sleeping giant”, he followed, (Kentucky’s Giant) “Just needs to be awakened."

The massive contract will make Brooks the seventh highest paid coach in all of Division 1 and the third highest in the Southeastern Conference. With the current renovations of Memorial Colosseum, Mitch Barnhart is showing that he is ready to keep company with the elite, investing heavily in the Lady Cats’ program.

“We are going to work”, Brooks assured the media. “We’re going to be a team”, he was very clear that individualism is not the key to a successful program, but that the “team concept” would be a pillar for the program.

“The SEC just got stronger”, Brooks confidently expressed.

In my opinion, this hire was knocked out of the park by Mitch Barnhart. Brooks, visited the Final Four with the Hokies in 2023. He told reporters that NIL is of “high priority” ensuring that the best-of-the-best would be recruited to dawn the blue and white. I am excited to see what next year brings!

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