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LFA 180 Lights Up Louisville with “Kudo-worthy” Knuckle Chuckin’

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LOUISVILLE- Mixed Martial Arts? Of Course!

Along with being a “fan” of various teams around our Commonwealth and the surrounding areas, before I took a leap of faith into the world of “journalism” and “media”…… I was a martial arts instructor.

The “Legacy Fighting Alliance” (LFA for short) hosted “LFA 180” from the confines of Broadbent Arena on the grounds of the Kentucky Exposition Center. The main card would feature six professional bouts in what I personally feel is the strongest Mixed Martial Arts talent ever assembled on a card together in Kentucky.  Hopefully this event would provide a positive stepping stone in the direction of bringing even bigger promotions to even larger venues for MMA enthusiasts who call our old home “home”.

Side Barb: LFA put together a phenomenal venue for this card. The building was filled with a stirring buzz from a near capacity crowd as the Kentucky MMA fans had long been craving some high-level mixed martial arts action.

Joshua Perreira vs Joseph Martinelli (Flyweight)

The main card “kicked” off with a battle in the Flyweight Division. (According to Joshua “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” Perreira is ranked #40 Flyweight. He would be competing against Jesse Martinelli, holding a 3-1 record and the #96 ranking. Perreira owns an undefeated 3-0 professional record of his own. This three-round bout would determine a potential UFC jump for Perreira, so the stakes were certainly high in the Derby City.

“Knuckle chucking” got underway shortly after 9pm, ET and the world’s eyes were on UFC Fight Pass to catch the action. Round one was controlled by “The Flyin’ Hawaiian” as he was able to land an impressive spinning back fist that followed a preceding roundhouse kick to the head. Perriera came out swinging in Round two, Perriera threw a leading left hook, sending Martinelli to the canvas as he covered up in a dazed defense. Flurries of fists from Perreira ended the bout as the referee called a stoppage for a TKO. That would certainly get some attention from the powers-at-be inside of the UFC.

Ben Parrish vs Alik Lorenz (Light Heavyweight)

“Big Tuna” Ben Parrish would face Alik Lorenz in the second fight of the night. Parrish, comes to Louisville owning a 6-4 professional resumé compared to Lorenz’s 3-1. Another three-rounder would await, if it were to resemble the excitement of the first…the crowd on hand would be in for a tantalizing treat.

The “tuna” was heavily overmatched by Alik Lorenz’s striking. The fight never really was in question as Lorenz placed leather with ease and kicked his way to a TKO victory on a referee stoppage in Round 1.

Lorenz looked poised and in control from the sound of the bell in this resounding victory that I am sure his coaches back at Hard Drive Mixed Martial Arts in Cedar Rapids, Iowa are sure to be thrilled with as he adds another victory to that growing professional resumé.

Kibedy Gordon vs Angelo Robles (Bantamweight)

The halfway bout of the night brought Kibedy “KG” Gordon, an Israeli fighting out of Brazil, matched up with Angelo “Tiger” Robles from an hour-and-a-half away in Indianapolis. The fight was an all out war that left both fighters weathered as elite grappling met the eyes of MMA fans worldwide. Kibedy “KG” Gordon won the fight, knocking the frost off after a slow start to add this highlight win to his resumé.

Dustin Parrish vs Victor Valenzuela (Welterweight)

The featured bout of the night on UFC Fight Pass was 4/6 scheduled for the evening. Top Contender Dustin “Bam Bam” Parrish from Plainfield, Indiana would hope to set up a title chance with a victory over Victor “Psichosis” Valenzuela. Valenzuela, hailing from Chile, is 10-3 thus far in his career. Parrish held his own impressive history at 10-4-1 in the professional ranks.

There was a brief “feeling” out process before the fighters engaged. Victor “Psichosis” Valenzuela chinned some tough punches thrown his way by Parrish but was able to land a ferocious (and meticulously placed) low round kick to the leg of Parrish sending him to the canvas and ultimately sealing his fate. Valenzuela will lean on that impressive win as the 30 year old looks to find his way into the UFC.

Keegan Agnew vs Richie Miranda (Lightweight)

Keegan Agnew, a fighter that I have seen grow from the local amateur ranks would take the cage in a fight that I am sure held great importance to him. “The Violent Hippie” would be facing Richie “El Machete” Miranda from Santa Ana, California.

Miranda held a record of 7-1 compared to Agnew’s 6-1 entering the contest.

Three rounds of matched blows and grappling followed, Miranda controlled each round of the fight (even according to the judges) but “The Violent Hippie” held his own. Taking the back off “El Machete” during the fight. Ultimately, “El Machete’s” skill set stood on top and he won the contest in by a unanimous decision from the judges ringside.

Lance Lawerence vs Landry Ward (Featherweight)

The lights drew dark as the sixth and final fight of the evening was introduced by the velvety vocals of LFA ring announcer Mike Kendall rang through Broadbent. The hometown kid, Lance Lawerence would be facing off against the tough-mulleted-Texan, Landry Ward. No words could do justice of what would take place in the cage over the course of the next three rounds. A bloody, violent, dazzling display welcomed the focused eyes of spectators. The only words I could think of….”Fight of the Night”. (LFA agreed) The battle was one of the toughest I have seen in years on any ranks. Afterwards Lawerence spoke to his wife and daughter’s, “anything is possible” was his message. A good one indeed. The hometown kid with the hometown win.

That concludes our night with LFA, and what a night it was! Everything from the DJ piping through the “fire” beats…to the fighters giddy with anticipation before and after their fights in the staging area. This is what professional MMA is all about, and I applaud the Legacy Fighting Alliance for so graciously bringing it to our commonwealth.

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